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About Us

Packaged, Shrink-Wrapped Bundles

We sell packaged, shrink-wrapped hardwood bundles (.75 cu.ft). Our kiln-dried, hardwood bundles can be found throughout North Eastern Wisconsin at local stores and gas stations. We are USDA & WDATCP certified and ship our firewood nationwide.  

Tumbled & Cleaned Hardwood

Dense hardwoods like oak have a higher energy content per cord and release more heat per firebox load. We use a wood tumbler to separate and remove debris from our firewood. The result is a cleaner product that won't make a mess. Most other species of wood available upon request.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Our Kiln Dried Firewood is consistently dried to under 20% moisture content – every time. The Kiln drying process is computer monitored and controlled, and removes over 1,000 pounds of water per cord from the firewood. The firewood is heated in a chamber at 250 degrees for approximately 24-36 hours. The kiln drying process not only removes moisture, but it also kills bugs! We are State WDATCP and USDA certified, which allows our wood to be shipped anywhere in the country.

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